Monday, August 30, 2010

Hospital Visit, Improved Report

This morning, mom and I went back to the hospital. I first had CBC taken. Then, we went to my doctor's clinic which was in the annex. Thank God, there were plenty of wheelchairs. I didn't have to walk!

But I had to wait as usual. I fell asleep. Then prayed the rosary. Mom bought me Wendy's shrimp sandwich and Pepsi Max. This time, Sharon found a vein in one try. Yehey!

There is a new supplier of Thalidomide. I will call them up tomorrow. Hope the price is the same if not cheaper than before.

There was no traffic to and from the hospital because it's a holiday today.

Nevertheless, I decided to "work" by revising the report of Marica, my friend and fellow consultant. I enjoyed changing the background, adding pictures, correcting the grammatical errors and other editing stuff. She is going to send me more reports.

Today is National Heroes' Day. My personal hero is my mom. She does many things for me. What would I do without her?

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