Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving Day today in the US.

Well, everyday is thanksgiving day for me.

If I were to list all the things I am grateful for, this would have been a verrrry long post!

Most of all, I am thankful for...

...the gift of life son, my mom, my siblings, and all my other loved ones

...all my friends

...the love I receive from everyone I meet each day

...nature gifts and talents work dwelling place I get to eat daily


...books trials (they have made me strong)

...computers and modern inventions

...and of course, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Such a short list!

I emailed my lotto trilogy to my friend (a scriptwriter and director). She liked it so she asked me to write the script and she will direct the film. We will present it to Cinemalaya or Cinema One Original. Hope it gets accepted.

Here's another lovely picture:

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  1. Hi Tita Nimia!

    I'm thankful that I met you and I got to work with you, it was a very valuable experience. I got to try my hand at software consulting this time and so far I'm having fun.

    See you when I get home this Christmas! I'm still in Vietnam and I can't wait to come back home... :)

    Say hello to Mommy Alice for me, God bless!




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