Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Work and Play

Work came in late today. So it's a working night for me!

On Friday, I will be meeting with a client on another project.

It's great to be working again!

I have been playing scrabble in FB and my average is now 47%. Yehey. Slowly but surely I want to go beyond 50%.

Yesterday, I watched "Picture Perfect" starring Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Bacon. I like the romantic comedy because it's about honesty.

Tomorrow, I will be having lunch with some friends. It's bonding time.

A little bit of humor:

On the day I gave birth, I went to the Delgado Clinic to choose a room. I just chose a small room to save on money.

I put under general anesthesia because I gave birth by Caesarian section. So, when I woke up, I was already inside my room but a much bigger one than the one I chose.

My first words? Instead of inquiring about my baby, I asked, "Magkano 'to?" (How much is this?)

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