Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's My Son's Birthday

That's right. My son turned 22 today.

We had a "simple" celebration. I ordered Shakey's delivery - two kinds of pizza (Manager's Choice and Pizza Blanca), 7-piece chicken, basket of mojos, two single-serve spaghetti, one Coke Zero and one Sprite in cans. Total bill? About P1,800 inclusive of the tip I gave the delivery boy.

There was too much food for mom, RR and I so it would stretch till tomorrow.

Mom even bought Selecta ice cream which of course, I am not allowed to eat.

Time flies so fast! It seems only yesterday when I first lay eyes on my son. Those were among the happiest moments of my life. He continues to be the joy of my life!

I remember the times we would go to the mall together and he would ask me to buy Pokemon toys. We would watch movies. We would eat at McDonald's, Jollibee, and later, our favorite restaurant was TGIF.

These days, we hardly go out anymore. But it's great to be living together. At least, I get to see him everyday.

I'm glad that my son has given up smoking and drinking. He reads the Bible regularly. I feel so blessed to have a son like RR.

Happy birthday, Ramon Rafael!

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