Monday, November 22, 2010

Romantic Comedy

Last night, I watched a wonderful romantic comedy entitled, "The Accidental Husband". It's about a love doctor and a man who wants to give her a dose of her own medicine. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Makes me want to write a romantic comedy movie myself. Ha ha.

I worked on my project today. Was completely engrossed even if I played religious music while working. Oh, the joys of working at home!

My mom told me that there was a lotto ticket that was never claimed. It was worth almost 200 million pesos. That got me thinking. Why not make a movie out of it? A trilogy perhaps. A teacher asks his class to come up with stories to explain the mystery behind the unclaimed lotto ticket. The three stories? In brief,

1) A man learns that he won. Sleeps but has a nightmare (hounded by everybody, kidnapped, etc.). He wakes up and tears the lotto ticket.

2) A lola keeps buying lotto tickets and her family totally ignores her. Then, when she learns that her number has won, she suffers a fatal heart attack clutching the winning ticket. The family members never learn what caused her attack.

3) A poor family beg for alms but they still manage to buy a lotto ticket. One day, a bunch of hoodlums grab their meagre belongings and money. A passerby comes to the rescue. Then, the mother faints from hypertension. The same passerby brings her to the hospital. Grateful, she gives the lotto ticket to the good Samaritan. The latter says goodbye. He actually is on his way to the US. Unfortunately, the airplane crashes.

What do you think? Has potential? Ha ha.

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