Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Lord Giveth...

The Lord giveth, He taketh away...and He giveth again.

That's what happened just yesterday. A friend called up to say we have an FGD project. Then, later, she said it won't push through because she can't facilitate for four groups. She is going to Cebu on Friday. Later on in the day, she called again saying the project will go to us after all. I will do the analysis for four groups instead of just two. Yehey.

A small project came in today.

My ongoing project is still, well, ongoing. I had to revise the report so far. And new data came in.

Humor for the day:

I was washing the dishes. Mom said to include the rice cooker and the kawali (frying pan).

She said, "Very easy. No grease. No Italy."

"No Spain." I added.

I just love flowers! Don't you?

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