Saturday, November 13, 2010

And the Winner Is...

Everyone these days is talking about the Grand Lotto with its highest jackpot ever. Almost 400 million pesos!

I keep dreaming of what I will do if I win. (Which is impossible because I'm too poor to buy a lotto ticket.)

First, I will give 10% each to my four siblings and 20% to my mom. Then, 20% goes to charity including poor relatives and in-laws of my siblings. That leaves 20% to me and my son. I will buy my son a car and provide for his MBA studies. We will buy a three-bedroom condo unit and hire two maids.

I will spend each day, not shopping, but going to mass in each of the churches in Metro Manila.

Since this is an impossible dream, I just pray for the winner as follows:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for blessing this person abundantly. I know that You chose this person because he/she is truly deserving. Let his/her heart remain pure and not filled with pride. Protect him/her from jealousy from others and protect his/her family from evil men who are after their wealth. Guide this person to use the money wisely and for the good of as many people as possible.

These I ask, in Jesus' name.


My heart bleeds because I want to do acts of charity but I am not able to - physically and financially. So, I will just continue to carry out my ministry of prayer.

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