Friday, November 5, 2010

Twice Blessed

I was twice blessed today. Because I heard two masses. Yes, two. One was "live", the other via Internet.

The live mass was the first Friday mass held at our condo. The priest was the same one who heard my confession a few weeks ago. In his sermon, he talked about the dishonest steward who was praised for being "mapamaraan". Of course, I felt joy in receiving Holy Communion since I don't get to do so weekly.

The Internet mass was a day late because it is held in the US. The priest talked about St. Charles Borromeo because it was his feastday yesterday.

I'm continuing to read the Bible. I am about to read the Book of Ruth. I find the Bible really fascinating. Although one would think that God seems jealous and vindictive, He is actually true to all His promises. It is the Israelites who are a "stiff-necked" people. I like Moses, Joshua and Samson.

At the rate I'm going, I should be finished with the Bible by year-end. Then, I wouldn't mind reading it again maybe using another version. The one I'm reading now is the New American Bible.

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