Monday, November 15, 2010

Whole Day at the Hospital

Mom and I spent practically the whole day at the hospital.

We had to go early because I had to undergo lab tests which required fasting.

We ate breakfast at the canteen consisting of longganiza, fried egg, and rice.

I slept at the lobby.

After mom got the results, we went back to the canteen. We just ate french fries (Potato Corner) and fruit salad.

I wanted to hear mass but mom didn't bring me to the chapel.

We waited long for my internist because it was still early and he had a meeting. So, I slept again.
We were first in line. When he arrived and saw my lab results, he was pleased. The only thing "wrong" with me was that I gained 3 kilos and I have UTI.

While waiting for my next doctor, my hematologist, we ate cheesedog and softdrinks.

Although we were supposed to be no. 16, we were called first!

My BMT results showed a relapse of my multiple myeloma but only slightly from 5% to 6%. So, the doctor just said to continue my thalidomide. She was proposing another medicine which costs almost P300,000 a month! No way!

When we reached home, mom saw that there was listed beef lengua on the menu. But when I called the restaurant downstairs, it was no longer available. Oh well, I'm okay with Yakisoba.

It's good to be back home after a whole day at the hospital.

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