Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Best Pusit

Yesterday, I ate the best adobong pusit I've ever tasted! It was a little spicy but just right. I had it for lunch and dinner yesterday, and for dinner again today. Yummy!

I was able to finish my quantitative report and am just waiting for feedback from one of the consultants before finalizing it. I will be paid already for said project. Great!

I am getting better and better at Bookworm. The highest level I've attained is Master(or Supreme) Archivist. Yey.

I have time now to read the book I started. The one entitled "The First Family". It is hardbound and thick so I didn't bring it yesterday to the hospital. Instead, I brought my Sudoku book and solved some puzzles.

I have revised a company's website but I still need additional info from them. I had fun thinking of taglines for the said company and after more than a week, they decided on one which I liked, too.

I might have another online survey. I will be asked to finalize the questionnaire, maybe come up with tables, and analyze the results. Exciting!

My other quantitative study has been launched and fieldwork is being conducted. My next step is to prepare the tab specs for the two questionnaires under the project.

God is good! Not just good, but great!

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