Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Most Creative Website!

I had the wonderful privilege of having seen and visited the most creative, fun, interesting, and informative website ever! [It was voted as the most innovative marketing research company.]But don't just take my word for it. Come and visit www.brainjuicer.com.

I took their creativity test, hoping I will be among the top 6% most creative people. Ha ha, how ambitious of me!

I also watched one of their webinars on creativity.

I was so excited I wrote to them, asking if I can work with them.

No harm in trying, right?
I am quite busy these days. I have a number of projects -

...preparing powerpoint slides on a book

...revising two questionnaires

...editing/revising a website

...and I am about to work on an employee opinion study (both quantitative and qualitative).

I love working!
I am reading a nice book entitled "Mitigating Circumstances". I am almost finished with it. Thank God for books!
Tomorrow, a client-friend will come over after lunch. We will work on a project and she will give me some money. Yey.
Life is good...nope, not just good, it's great!

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