Friday, September 16, 2011

My Poor Mom

For the past few days, my mom has been in pain, she can barely walk. Poor mom! It breaks my heart to hear her suffer and the word "Aray!" (Ouch!) is constantly coming from her mouth.

And so, from morning till night, I am her maid, nurse, caregiver, etc. It's a good thing my son was on leave from Tuesday to Thursday this week. He helps around by cooking and buying stuff like pandesal from the convenience store. (My mom has not been eating rice recently to lose some weight.)

I searched the net for the definition, cause and remedy of rheumatism. My ever dependable computer gave the answers. So, my son will buy potatoes, apple cider and honey for my mom.

I am starting to write an FGD report but the notes I have so far are on the first 3 groups. The last 3 are being conducted today.

I might have another FGD in October and November. A client-friend asked for costs of facilitation, note-taking and analysis. I will definitely do the analysis. But if I am not well enough to be the moderator, I have asked 2 of my friends for their fees. Hope the project gets approved.
I talked to two friends today. By coincidence, both of them just lost their respective mothers. One died of old age, the other, of pneumonia. I am all the more grateful that mom is still around.

Since there will be a transportation strike on Monday, I am exempted from going to the hospital for my regular treatment. Yey. Saves us some money.
I was finally paid by a friend-client. They were able collect from the end-user only last Friday and had to wait for the check to clear.

I feel bad for a friend who acted as guarantor for a loan of about P100,000. The amount has not been paid. Hope they will be able to collect soon.
Filipinos still have the Ms. Universe fever. We are all so proud of Shamcey Supsup. I just love her answer in the Q & A portion. She should have won, but of course, I am biased.
The website I revised is almost done. I did my part and gave them options regarding the mission, vision and values. I gave suggestions to improve the look of the site. Hope the new website will draw many visitors and win Clients for them.
My former neighbor gave a "lifetime supply" of chicharon (pork rind), plus salted egg colored white (instead of red, so I mistook them for balut), cornik, and pastillas (for my mom). What a kind soul. He will come and visit before the end of the month.
I think I need a change of celphone. My old one looks so ugly and "dilapidated" already because I keep dropping it. I can hardly hear voice calls. Good thing celphones cost so little these days.

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