Thursday, September 1, 2011

That Feeling...

How do you describe that feeling when you have finished a project knowing you did a good job and having enjoyed doing it every step of the way? It is more than a sense of accomplishment. I would say it was a job well-enjoyed and well-done from beginning to end.

Yes, I have finished lifting excerpts from an interesting book, "Beyond Disruption" by Jean-Marie Dru. Then, I came up with not one, but two, powerpoint versions. You see, I found the first one wordy and it lacked visuals. The second is condensed as I tried to remove as many extraneous words as I can find. With the extra space, I placed more pictures for greater visual appeal.

Praise God!

I have just said that I want to engage in creative thinking. Well, a number of people have told me that yes, they will give me creative assignments. And today, I was tasked to revise a company's website by giving suggestions for improvement and changing the wordings.

Moreover, I was asked to think of a good tagline for the said company. So, I came up with not one, but twenty-two, alternative taglines! Whew, quite taxing to the brain but what fun, too! I do hope the agency would be able to choose one of the 22, wishing that it is one of my personal favorites as well.

I love ginataang tahong! I ordered it for lunch...yummy! I also ate bopis (not bad).

The book I am currently reading for leisure is very interesting. It is a story of romance, family, success, vengeance and more. I am not yet half-way through but I just know I will enjoy reading the rest of the book, just like mom did. (I actually saw her clap her hands in satisfaction.) The Title? "Sins of Omission".

I was supposed to attend a client meeting today but I could not be fetched by my client-friend. It was a good thing since I have a bum stomach again.

All is well, all is well.

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