Sunday, September 25, 2011


I am venturing into two potentially money-earning endeavors.

One, I am trying to get accepted at WriterBay. I have done all the requirements except one - I need to upload my college diploma. I will ask my son to help scan it.

Two, I have joined MarketSensus. It has something to do with affiliate marketing and other stuff.

I stand to earn in dollars from these two. Yey.

I was attracted to another job, translating. Looks easy but the sad part is I have to shell out money first to pay for membership. Could be a scam. So I didn't pursue it.
Yesterday, my sister visited us. She brought spaghetti, lumpiang shanghai, pineapples, mangoes and eggs. My kind-hearted sister. She stayed a while to talk about her new job and some of their events. Glad to know she had fun.

Today, my older brother passed by. He brought breakfast from McDonald's. Longsilog (longganisa or sausage, sinangag or fried rice, and itlog or fried egg). Mom was given coffee as well. My Kuya had a sausage sandwich.

I have been busy these past few days working on a questionnaire for an online survey. I decided to pre-test it among some friends and family members. So far, eight have responded. I am awaiting two more. I prepared a 12-question survey online just to test the site. Anyway, it is free.

Kuya consulted me on a research project he wants to conduct. He asked me to clear the questionnaire he will be formulating. I asked him to answer my questionnaire while he was here in the condo.

Today, two maintenance guys cleaned our two airconditioners and two electric fans. It was long overdue.

For WriterBay, I had to study the different citation styles. I was also asked to write an essay on why M.A.S.H. is among the longest-running TV series. I researched by searching/surfing the net, logging on to YahooAnswers and YouTube, and interviewing some friends. I entitled my essay, "Why M.A.S.H. is a Smash Hit".

Will let you know if I get accepted.

Indeed, life is exciting!

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