Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I finished my FGD report today. It is due September 27, so I am several days ahead of schedule. Anyway, that would give time to two consultants to react and give feedback, including suggestions for improvement.

Yey, I have a new Client. It is a relatively new marketing research company. The owner/head used to work for Pulse/AC Nielsen so I know her. Already, we are talking about 2 possible projects. There would be more for sure. Thank You, Lord!

I might have an FGD this October or November for a client-friend. I would either be both the facilitator and analyst, or analyst only. Looking forward to it.
My older brother called to consult about a study he wants to be conducted. I took down notes and came up with a written research design. Glad to be of help.
I had my CBC this morning. The medtech came to our condo. My mom got the results: good news is that my platelet count is now normal, bad news is my hemoglobin went down.

My mom finally went to see her rheumatologist. Painkillers and other medicines were prescribed. She can continue with our home remedies. My son accompanied her to the hospital to push her wheelchair. My sister's driver drove for my mom and son. They right away bought medicines and they bought lunch from KFC.

So, the food I ordered (meat balls and eggplant omelet) will be for another meal or two. I ate spaghetti of KFC. I set aside the salad they bought for me.

Then, my niece dropped by to give Country Chicken. Delicious! She also brought buchi for mom. She took a nap in our bedroom. Poor niece, she lacks sleep these days.
I thank God for family, friends and food! What do you know? Triple F ha ha.

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