Friday, September 23, 2011


Whew! I counted the projects that I have/will have this month and next and it numbered about ten! That's a wow!

That means two things: I will be extremely busy and (more importantly hehe) I will have a lot of money. We could save as much as we can, maybe splurge a little (eat at Cabalen perhaps), and/or ask our regular donors (family members) to stop giving money in the meantime. I leave the decision to my mom.

So today, I am supposed to revise a report, come up with a questionnaire or two, and prepare tab specs based on two questionnaires. Busy, busy...that's me.

Mom seems to be feeling better these days, after consulting her doctor and taking muscle relaxants and pain killers. But the pain recurs though not to the same degree as before.

My brother just had his gall bladder removed. His laparoscopy was a success. Thank God!

Life is great! And I have the Lord to thank plus all my loved ones and clients.

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