Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Maryknoll Get-Together

Last night, Grace fetched me. We went to Chili's Greenhills for another get-together with fellow Maryknollers.

We have two Balikbayans. Aside from Mimi, my cousin, there was Vina Guytingco-Anderson. There were 12 of us. Here we are:

Food was mostly pica-pica. I loved the calamari. There was bottomless nachos with salsa dip. Almost all of them drank margarita. I just had Coke Light.

Conversation focused on such topics as: our children, plans for 50th birthday celebration, teachers in high school and grade school, crazy things we did in school, what we remembered about each other, and more.

Lo gave away her second book and signed them. She wrote "Nothing is Impossible with God" in the copy she gave me.

We ended up going home past 12.
Today, I was supposed to hear first Friday mass. But I wasn't feeling well and had a bum stomach so I just stayed in my room.

I checked my inbox. Then started working on my report due Friday.

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