Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Electricity Deprivation

Last night, while reading "Google Planet", the electricity went. Blackout! It was so hot I kept fanning myself. I could hardly sleep! I tried opening my laptop but it had no battery. Torture!

The good thing about being deprived of anything is that you appreciate it more when it comes back. The electric fan, air conditioner, computer, the Internet, television, refrigerator, etc.

Today, I went out with Jobert for lunch at Crisostomo Restaurant in Eastwood. We ordered button mushrooms with garlic, laing, bangus belly, and fried fish (pla-pla) shaped in a bowl.

We had a poetry session. And here's our output, "I Wish":

Everywhere I have searched
For a friend like you
Amongst many places and many people
It was you I found to be true

Amidst all the sadness and fears
You were there to comfort me
Happiness I have gladly found
With you, I am truly free

I am sorry if at times I wasn’t there
But you understood why
You accepted me and helped me grow
And that is how I get by

I feel happier when I’m with you
In my heart there is so much peace
From loneliness to a companionship we need
From worries, a welcome release

I wish you all the happiness this life could give
May you find fulfillment and success
Hoping that my loving prayers be answered
So here’s wishing you the very best

*poetry by Nimia Gamo (purple lines) and Jobert Abiva (blue lines)

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