Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

Today was a simple day but I just want to tell you that even simple days can be wonderful!

Nothing spectacular happened today except perhaps we had prawns for lunch. Ha ha.

Here are the things I did which may seem ordinary to most people...but for me, there are blessings attached.

1) I slept. In fact, I have the luxury of sleeping for longer hours than most people. My medicines make me sleepy. But even if they didn't, I appreciate the time to visit Slumberland and stay for an extended period of time.

2) I checked my inbox. I'm glad I have a computer with an Internet connection. I regularly receive Bible reflections, tips on "how to be happy", blogs from friends, messages from Facebook, etc. To keep in touch with friends and loved ones. To be able to communicate with others in a fast, easy way.

3) I listened to YouTube. I just love music! And to be able to just type the title of a song, one is able to get access to the song and desired singer. Wow! Old songs, new ones. I even tried clicking at random and got some nice surprises.

4) I played online scrabble and kept winning against the computer! Ha ha. Big deal. It challenges my mind to be able to spell out words that would give me the highest scores. I especially love it when I am able to come up with 7-letter words with or without the dictionary. That is 50 extra points! What fun.

5) I left a message in our FB batch page regarding our gettogether this July 31. I tried calling up some batchmates but was unable to talk to any. I look forward to the party even if only a few have confirmed. To see old friends again...

So there, five simple things yet giving me joy. What about you? Don't you find life fun and wonderful?

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