Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Collection, A Meeting, A Friend's Kindness

Today, I collected from a Client and immediately encashed the check.

I had to be in another marketing research agency by 10:30 am but I was early. So I observed an interview.

When the boss, who is also my friend, arrived we left for Hotel Intercon. We attended a meeting of the Philippine Marketing Association. The main speaker was Dr. Ned Roberto who spoke on "Are Your Most Loyal Customers the Most Profitable Ones?" The answer? Not necessarily.

We left right away after the talk. Anyway, we've already had our lunch of molo soup, salmon, vegetables, steamed rice, iced tea and coffee. I had two pieces of bread and butter.

Back to the office, I observed one more interview. I was supposed to conduct one myself. But since I barely had sleep the previous sleep, I was not up to it.

My friend, in her kindness gave some money and even told her driver to bring me home!

I feel so blessed!

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