Saturday, July 24, 2010

Food Trip!

Yesterday, I had dinner with my friend Rexy. We ate at Butter Diner. We ordered cream of mushroom soup, ceasar salad, steak and baby back. Hmm, good food but not great.

We went to Shopwise and I got chocolates for my mom and Cheetos for my son (and myself he he).

Today, I continued my food trip after we visited Daddy's crypt. It's his birthday today. Since it is also mom's "anniversary" we asked her what she wanted to eat. Between Causeway and Dampa sa Libis, she said "any". But I knew she just loves crabs so I said Dampa.

We ate inihaw na baboy, calamares, tempura, crabs, fried fish, and halaan. Delicious!


At last! I have a project which came in today. But it's a rush report since the agency has to make a presentation by Tuesday. So that means I have to work today, tomorrow and until Monday. It's a difficult project but I like challenges.

And there will be more projects lined up. Thank God!

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