Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Love My Computer!

I just love my computer! I can't let a day go by without turning it on and doing a host of things such as...

...check my Yahoo inbox and see who has emailed me. I get jokes/funny emails, inspirational stories/quotations, informative accounts, messages from Facebook, photos from family and friends, updates/communication from my various Yahoo groups and so on.

...read interesting stuff in the Yahoo site and other websites

...get my daily Bible video reflection at www.usccb.org

...hear mass at www.themass.org

...learn the news at www.philstar.com

...listen to music/watch videos at www.youtube.com

...play scrabble at pogo.com or at Facebook

...check my Facebook account

...surf the net for whatever interests me - writing, games, movies, photos, self-improvement, religion, etc.

...write in this blog

...analyze data and make powerpoint presentations

...write poems, books, story concepts, scripts, etc.

And so on and so forth. I feel so lucky to be around in this age of information, the Internet and the computer. There is so much to learn and no room for boredom!

Thank You, Lord!

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