Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Really Nice Day

Today was a really nice day.

My friend fetched me. Since we were early in fetching her son, we went to the nearby chapel. After a long time, I visited an adoration chapel! I prayed including part of the rosary.

Then, we went to Amici. We ordered fried mozzarella, lasagna, pizza, and we each had a dish. Mine was oil-based seafood pasta. It was good but I prefer the one in Bellini's. There was free gelati so I violated my diet and ordered choco hazelnut. Yummy!

It was good seeing a friend and being updated. I also liked talking to her son.

When I reached home, I took my medicines.

I turned on my computer and checked my inbox, watched/listened to Youtube, played online scrabble, went to Facebook, wrote in my spiritual journal, and wrote for one of my book projects.

I am thinking of teaching the "computer illiterate" on how to use the computer. I have enough knowledge and patience. Ha ha. Any takers?

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