Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Working Day

Yesterday, I continued working on my book, "I Love Humor and More". I got several entries from this blogsite. The book will have two portions - Humor (anecdotes, jokes, funny quotations and writings, etc.) - and More (inspirational stuff, mostly). Watch for it! I hope I find a good publisher though.

Today, I worked on my "difficult" project. Well, what do you know? I was able to come up with two write-ups already on possible livelihood projects. Mostly Internet stuff which I put together. What will I do without the Internet?

I also did some work on another research project which I've started analyzing. I will finish it tomorrow because I'm drained already.

A headhunter called me up today. He said that an FMCG company is looking for a "Consumer Science Manager" or consultant. When I asked him how he got my number, he just said that it is his business/work to know people in the industry. He asked for my resume. Wow! Hope things would prosper. Sure could use a regular source of income. Wish me luck!

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