Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Joys of Being Me

I wouldn't exchange places with anyone, given the chance. No way! I'm a very happy person, believe it or not. Despite of - or rather because of - all the trials and problems that l have experienced and am experiencing right now, I can honestly say I am happy.


Take today for instance. This was supposed to be another "ordinary" day. But I am happy because...

...I had breakfast of chicken sandwich with cucumber and tomatoes and ended up with a sunkist

...I chatted with friends on Skype, YM and Facebook plus landline

...I had a meeting with the directress of Philippine Institute for the Deaf and we covered a lot of ground in just one hours - plans and projects for the NGO

...I worked on two projects both due tomorrow but I finished one ahead of the other because it is such a short project

....A friend passed by to borrow my microcassette recorder. She agreed that I write her beautiful love story for a magazine or two. She is donating one of her computers to PID.

...I have decided to tithe again.

....More friends are visiting me one of these days.

....I ate pancit palabok for lunch and dinner, and also barbecue for dinner.

See? Such a simple day but full of happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

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