Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sweet Sunday

This has been a sweet Sunday because...

...I was able to watch Bo on TV and he talked about the operating system of the universe. It is not luck. Not serving a capricious, self-centered God. But it is the law of the harvest. What you sow you reap. The universe is one big Echo Valley. So keep saying, "Universe, I love you!" and the universe will love you back.

...I watched another healing mass on TV with Fr. Mario as the priest presider. He was resplendant in gold because today is the Feast of the Holy Trinity.

...I am going to help out my Dad's favorite NGO, Philippine Institute for the Deaf, by preparing a grant proposal and acting as business development officer. I really believe in the school's mission to make the deaf speak because deaf people are basically not mute and are quite capable of speaking.

...I finished reading the book "Daboy" about Rudy Fernandez written by his sister, Marie. It's very well written and I learned so much about Rudy which are moving, sad, inspiring and admirable all in one.

...My own book is going along fine with lots of people helping me. We are aiming for an early December launch this year. Yehey, finally! After several years in the making, it's going to see the light of day!

...I talked to several people over the phone, Skype, YM and facebook. Former students, former boss, friends.

...I watched "Wow Mali", a sitcom and a dance show at ABC5. Good shows!

...I received lots of stuff from the US from relatives there - sugar free chocolates, perfume, lipstick, a bag, a make up kit, a watch and cash for my medicine. My sister also gave me three underwear.

Thank You, Lord, for a sweet, sweet Sunday!

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