Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One Litre of Tears

There is this Japanese movie (TV series?) entitled "One Litre of Tears." It is about a young woman afflicted with a rare brain disease and knew she was dying. The movie had a lot of touching moments and yes, it made me cry. But it also made me laugh. I love the character of the father, he is so funny! The film is also a love story as the boyfriend turned into a doctor to find a cure for the girl. But then, she died...leaving behind diaries full of hope and inspiration and the zest for living that one would not expect from a dying individual.

Am I dying?

The Light of Jesus has a special one-month project "What if you had 30 days to live?". What would you do? How would you think? What would your priorities be? Would you resolve to be happier, wiser with your money, a better steward of your gifts, a more loving person, or what?

Today, I had to work on a report. It took longer than expected because I had to listen to a tape wherein the participants spoke fast and all at the same time! I was supposed to go out with dear, cherished friends tonight but my son and mom did not allow me. They said I would have a hard time only. I should be glad - a sign that they cared (even if I was disappointed at not seeing those friends...there will be other days). And I will have time to finish the report, more importantly. That is responsibility over recreation. Better called delayed gratification.

My day will come...I will just wait a while.

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