Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Two Reports and a Movie

The major activities for today are I finished two reports and watched a movie, "Alex and Emma". Not bad for somebody who hardly slept last night.

Throughout the day, I took naps. But nothing like a good loooooong, restful sleep. When will that be, I wonder?

My keyboard got broken so my faithful computer expert of a friend, Noel, bought one for me with a wireless mouse and 10 rewritable CDs with case. To follow tomorrow, is my new computer - with flat LCD monitor and CPU plus computer table. Yehey!

Today, I chatted with an old friend who has third stage cancer. There will be benefit concerts for him and he is giving me two tickets. Yehey!

God is good. He is very good. Nope, magnanimous is the word!

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