Thursday, June 4, 2009

Simply a Day

It's amazing what one can do even while "trapped" in a wheelchair in a small condo unit in Cubao.

Today was simply a day when...

...I communicated with God and felt close to Him as I wrote in my spiritual journal, listened to Gabay on Radio Veritas for the first time, heard mass, listened to bible reflections, watched "Preacher in Blue Jeans", finished reading a spiritual book

...I communicated via Skype with a friend in Cebu and with another friend in Singapore

...I talked over the phone with sisters in community

...I chatted in YM with a cousin and a few friends

...I listened to original compositions of a friend, to a Gary V. CD

...I kept checking my email and facebook

...I started reading a book on Daboy Fernandez written by his sister Marie who is a toastmaster member and officer

... I kept taking naps throughout the day

...I did some stuff regarding my book, "Mission:Possible!"

...I cleaned my work area and made it much neater.

So today was simply a less wonderful than most of the days of my life.

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