Friday, June 5, 2009

Look Mom, I Could Go to the Bathroom!

Early, today I had a breakthrough! I had a strong urge to pee but didn't want to wake up my mom and son. So what I did was ever slowly, alternatively walked and sat on a chair to go to the bathroom myself. I used my cane, held on to doors and walls and what-have-yous, to get there. What a relief!

And since I was already inside the bathroom, I decided to shampoo my hair and take an honest-to-goodness bath! What a delight! I felt oh so clean and fragrant again!

It turned out that my son was still awake and he helped me dress up. I put deodorant, powder and cologne.

Those of you reading this might be wondering - why the big fuss over going to the bathroom all by myself and doing my thing there? Because I have not been able to do this for the past several weeks! My hair was so oily already and I felt so dirty and smelly. There's no substitute for a good, long shower. A sponge bath is nothing in comparison.

And so I know, that I am on my way to recovery and complete healing from my cancer. I just know it!

Praise You, Lord!

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