Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day!

Today is Christmas day and as usual, I celebrated it with family.

We were fetched by my Uncle Danny and I sat in front.

We went to my sister's house. We were early but that's always okay.

The food consisted of steak, chicken inasal, embutido, fresh lumpia, chicken salad, Asian salad, buko gelatin, fruit salad. There were chocolates, marshmallows, chips, softdrinks.

We didn't play mah jongg this time.

There was a lot of kwentuhan and picture-taking, of course.

There was gift-giving. I received a USB Flash Drive, two hair clips, and black eyeliners. Little things give me a lot of joy!

All too soon, we had to leave.

I am still in the mood to go out but I couldn't find anybody to go out with. So here I am at home, facing the computer...

What are my Christmas thoughts?

When I was a little girl, I soooh looked forward to Christmas! I was excited, I could barely sleep, I wanted to know the presents that I will be receiving. And the all the delicious food I was bound to eat!

Now that I am 48 years old, the excitement is gone. But the spirit is still here in my heart. Because the reason for the season is Jesus Christ. And I am glad that we are celebrating Christmas because we are all glad that Christ was born to save us.

I love my family and every opportunity and time I have with them, is time well spent.

So, although this day's celebration is quite "bitin", I still greet everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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