Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Still More Work and Poems

Finally! I finished writing the report for Project Stage! It's a work of love, all 144 slides of it.

Then, I resumed writing the executive summary for Project Avenger. But it is due some time next week.

I did some other work for RSC today.

Busy, busy.

Last night, Jobert and I wrote a poem, entitled "You". Here it is:

Where do I see your heart?
How do I know for whom it beats?
I yearn to understand the person you are
I long to know you more

Beyond smiles and laughter I feel
More than gentle touches I sense
A child in you that yearns for care
A child that the mother in me loves

Different people we may be
We can be one in our need for affection
The care you need is a joy I give
You are one reason I live

In the midst of work, we wrote another poem today, entitled "Poem in My Heart". Here it is:

As I look upon the sky and sunshine touches my eyes
As I gaze upon the beauty that the heavens has lain before me
The splendour of God’s greatness found in joy and happiness
Oh I am filled with awe and wonder at all of nature’s grandeur

Because God’s glory that brings awe is beyond what we saw
It is an expression of the deep love of our Father above
The blessing of families when God’s Love sets us free
The blessing of living that He granted every human being

In gratefulness we believe for the care we receive
We ought to share to all people everywhere
Countless good deeds abound where Heaven is found
And there is so much joy and cheer when genuine love is near

*poetry written by Nimia Gamo (purple lines) and Jobert Abiva (blue lines)

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