Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the anniversary of this blog. Yehey! Happy first anniversary to all my blog readers!

The past year, I have chronicled what I have been doing from day to day. Sometimes, I post poems. Other times, jokes. I also captured my dreams and goals.

I was also able to tackle the time I discovered I had cancer, my immediate reactions and my subsequent attitude towards it. How many friends and relatives helped me as I battled with the disease and the medical expenses required.

What a year! Thank you, Lord!


Today, Jobert fetched me. We went to Makati. First at St. Paul to get the books of Fr. Armand which he ordered. We also browsed around the bookstore. My book is sold there!

Jobert gave me a book of Fr. Armand which I immediately read in the car while waiting for Noe. Nice book, an easy read. And the pictures/paintings are all so lovely!

Then, we went to I Republik restaurant in Tomas Morato. I ate bagnet with garlic rice. Delicious!

I met Evan. Swell guy.

Jobert bought me white roses.

I went home late already. But I enjoyed the day.

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