Monday, December 14, 2009

Visit to Doctors/"Thoughts"

I went to see two of my doctors today - my internist and my hematologist. Both were happy with my lab results. I'm doing fine, they say. Both are all praises of Thalidomide...but it's soooh expensive!

We didn't have a hard time getting a cab but had to pay extra because it was an airport metered taxi.


As I write this, I'm having thoughts of my mortality. I keep asking myself, "Exactly how long do I have left to live?" No one can tell. But with my illness, I'm not likely to reach 97, like the woman I visited a few days ago.

More than ever, I want to be good and do good. I want to serve others. I want to be closer to God and please Him in everything that I think, say and do. I pray to the Lord to give me many opportunities to reach out to others - the sad, the lonely, the disturbed, the depressed, etc. - all those who need my help and my love.

Yes, I may not know just how long or how short my life will be. But I want to live the way God would want me to live. I want to live for Him because when I go, it is to Him that I will return.

Heaven awaits me!

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