Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of the Year

It's the last day of the year.

No work. Time to look back at the year about to end.

The year 2009, is the year...

...I was diagnosed to have cancer, multiple myeloma to be exact. I went through the pains and sufferings. Yet, I experienced the love and caring of so many people who visited me, prayed for me, gave donations. Now, I am feeling A-okay, with just a little pain and some walking difficulty. A far cry from the worst, when I couldn't even go to the bathroom and I couldn't sleep on a bed because of the pain.

...I was confined in Recovery.Com for a relapse of my bi-polar condition. I stayed for a number of weeks. It was a result of lack of sleep so I turned manic again. I got myself a new psychiatrist because my mom and Dr. Lesaca fought.

...I met new friends, Jobert, Lovely, Noe, Evan...I enjoy their company. We write poems together. Play scrabble. Watched concerts...Jobert has become my textmate and we do text poetry.

...I was able to have research projects even in my condition enough to pay for my medicines and to survive from month to month. God truly provides!

...I rekindled my friendship with Greg, a long time friend. And we have been corresponding by email and by phone.

...I appeared on DZMM and interviewed by Fr. Gerry Orbos regarding my son, "Mama, Let Me Live"

...I decided to give up my "Mission: Possible!" book but that does not stop me from writing other books and to resume scriptwriting.

...I was not too far from God, nor was I as close as I should be. I promise to draw closer to the Lord come 2010.

...I became closer to my mom and to my son.

...My son graduated this year and soon got a job as Branch Manager of Folded and Hung. I'm so proud of him!

...I enjoyed going out with friends and family this year.

All in all, it was a pretty great year! I survived yet another big trial in my life and served as inspiration to many.

Lord, thank You for using me to bless others, for being an inspiration to others, for serving as example to others on how it is to have faith in You. I love You so much, Lord! Thank You for loving me unconditionally, immeasurably, immensely! You are my everything!

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  1. hi ma'am! happy new year! =)

    (btw, my brother was confined at as well, i think it's called sunshine now).

    -michelle (


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