Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nice Book

I just finished reading a nice book. Very inspiring. Even if it's New Age stuff.

Here are some positive affirmations worth repeating:

...I approve of myself

...All is well in my world

...The past has no power over me

...Truth is the unchangeable part of me

...All my relationships are harmonious

...Everything I touch is a success

...There is plenty for everyone, including me

...There are plenty of customers for my services

...I am blessed beyond my fondest dreams

...Riches of every sort are drawn to me

...Golden Opportunities are everywhere for me

...I move into the Winning Circle

...I establish a new awareness of success

...I am a magnet for Divine Prosperity

I don't agree with everything that the author wrote but I've always believed in positive thinking.

Thank You, Lord, for inspiring me once again!

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