Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two Parties in a Row

Well, what do you know? I was able to go to the party last Sunday after all. My friend, Olan, picked me up. He brought his son, Red.

The party was in Urdaneta Village. It was very well attended. I counted the attendees among my kappa pi pi gang and there were 18 of us.

The food was great! I especially enjoyed the lengua and the cheesecake.

There was much laughing and talking. The guys kept discussing about their road trip on February 4 next year. Part of their bucket list.

Bucket list? Should I make one myself?


Then, last night I attended the company Christmas party of Market Relevance. Jobert fetched me and brought me there.

I was early but that's okay.

The food was good, too. I love the lechon!

They made me one of the three judges to the three contests - one fashion show, and two dance contests. I tried to be kind and strict at the same time.

It was so much fun! There was a lot of laughter all around.

The Children's Joy Foundation kids gave a performance - song, dance and musical instruments.

There were raffle prizes. I didn't go home empty-handed either. I received a gift pack of ham, sugar free biscuits, and notebook. I also got P10,000 cash. Blessings!

Going home was not a problem either. One of the judges, Grace, brought me home. She lives in Cavite. Only when I got home did I realize that she went out of her way to bring me home. She went the opposite direction! How kind of her!

I just said in my last blog that I'm in the mood for parties. God answered my prayer. There's another one on Wednesday (tomorrow). Shall I go?

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