Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fun Night

I attended a company Christmas party last night.

It was fun!

The theme was "Las Vegas". So instead of ordinary numbers, we had playing cards as our raffle ticket. Mine was the eight of diamonds. I won a basket of ingredients for salad. I was given red wine and queso de bola also, plus an anti-radiation patch for my celphone.

I was one of the three judges for the three contests.

Before dinner, there was a fashion show which we judged. The top three we had to ask to model again to break the tie.

Dinner consisted of lasagna, vegetable kare-kare, beef, chicken, cream of mushroom soup, mashed potatoes, roast beef, and lechon. Yummy! There was scramble the whole evening.

Two other contests were group dance and showtime (talent) contests. We were told to give our comments after each performance. We were brutally frank in our assessment.

A couple of professional dancers performed three dance numbers. They were good!

The CEO gave service awards and other annual awards like productivity award and quality conscious award.

There was picture-taking, of course.

The guy I was supposed to ride with had to go home early. It's a good thing, there was somebody who lives nearby and was taking a cab home, too. We immediately found a taxi so going home was not a problem after all.

Today, I saw my hematologist. My lab results are all fine. She said that Thalidomide is running out. Scared, my mom asked me to order four boxes, good till February.

My doctor scolded me about dancing. I shouldn't do that anymore, she said, because my bones might break. Oh well, good-bye to dancing!

And I really have to lose weight! Not with these holidays...

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