Friday, December 10, 2010

Here Come the Parties!

Yesterday, my mom and I had breakfast with a family friend. We had java rice, tapa, bangus, orange juice, and fruits. Wonderful! They were supposed to go to Shopwise or S&R but they changed their minds.

This week, I worked on a report, a questionnaire, and a proposal. For different clients.

Starting tomorrow, I will be attending parties:

Dec. 11 - my friend's 50th birth party
Dec. 17 - an agency's Christmas party
Dec. 18 - a friend's annual Christmas party
Dec. 21 - my cousin's birthday party (lunch)
Dec. 21 - an agency's Christmas party (dinner)
Dec. 22 - an agency's Christmas party
Dec. 25 - family Christmas party

On Tuesday, some friends from way back (officemates at the very first company I worked for) will be visiting. Yehey!

Yes, it is the season to be jolly. I may not have the money to go shopping but it's great to see friends and have fun with other people.

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