Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Two Parties in a Day

Yesterday, I attended two parties.

For lunch, my cousin had a birthday party at his house. His mom spent for all the food including lechon, pancit canton, sinigang sa misu, KFC, ice cream. Later, there were sandwiches and chocolate roll.

My aunt gave me a Christmas card and a Pleasures perfume. My other aunt gave me P200. Yehey.

I brought my Sudoku and answered one puzzle. After lunch, I took a long nap. Before returning to the party, I prayed the rosary.

When we reached home, I opened my inbox and saw that I needed to revise a questionnaire. So I worked on it.

I got ready for another party, a company Christmas party, with Arabian nights as the theme. Mom lent me her long skirt and flat shoes, bangles and necklace.

I waited long for my ride so we were late.

The food was good especially the pasta, the fish fillet and the beef with mashed potatoes.

We were made judges to two contests: a group dance contest and a costume contest. Two contestants mispronounced the word "sequins" as "sequence". I wanted to correct them but held my tongue so as not to spoil the night.

There were give-aways and we received a bag of goodies, a mug and wine.

I was home before 12 midnight.

I had a great time!

Tonight, I have still another party. Another Christmas party of a marketing research agency. I have a ride going home already. Going there, I will just have to take a cab.

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