Monday, December 27, 2010

Movies...They Make My Day

Recently, I was able to watch movies (or parts of).

One was "In My Life", starring Vilma Santos, Luis Manzano and John Lloyd Cruz. Ate Vi was spectacular. John Lloyd also performed very well. Luis could do better.

Then, part of "Anastasia", the animated version with Meg Ryan and John Cussack as voice talents. I've always loved Disney films, to this day.

I re-watched "Die Hard" starring Bruce Willis. It's action-packed with enough humor and tender moments.

Today, I viewed part of "Magkaibigan" led by Christopher de Leon and Jinggoy Estrada. The script was excellent, written by Jose Javier Reyes. (I am now inspired to write my script). The movie was a tribute to Rudy "Daboy" Fernandez, who died of cancer.

Which leads me to recall what my doctor said without looking at me. She was looking at my mom. "There is no cure for myeloma".

So, I am a dying person. But Lord knows how many days, months or years I have left. I wonder, what else does God want me to do? As of now, I feel worthless because I am barely earning enough to pay for my medicines. I do enjoy my job but my medical expenses are really so high!

By being on the receiving end, is the Lord teaching me humility? Is He touching people's hearts to reach out to me?

Maybe, before I go, there is some other mission that God wants me to fulfill. Write more books and scripts, perhaps?

Lord, please use me. I am Your willing servant.

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