Friday, December 17, 2010

Random Thoughts

I worked on a short report yesterday. A re-analysis, actually. Easy.
No matter how short or easy a project is, I welcome it. Rather than staring into space, doing nothing. He he.

I finished reading the Old Testament. Finally! Tomorrow, I shall start reading the New Testament. I love the stories of the Old Testament. Some are funny. Others are romantic. Most speak of the need to be faithful to God.

I'm pretty familiar with the Gospels. So, I'm eager to re-read them and move on to the rest of the New Testament. By year-end, I would have finished reading the entire Bible. Yehey.

Then, I shall re-read it, including all the footnotes for greater understanding. After which, I will read other versions. Wow, I'm becoming a Bible fanatic!

Tonight, I am attending the Christmas party of a marketing research agency. I attended their parties in the past. Last year, they made me judge in their contests. They might make me judge again tonight.

I have a ride going there. I was worried about how I would go home. Last night, I chatted with someone who used to be employed by the agency. He asked if I was going. I said yes and then said I needed help going home. He said he will bring me home. I don't think he has a car but I'm sure he will help me find a cab. Thank You, Lord!

Even tomorrow, I thought I won't be able to attend another birthday party. But looks like I will have a ride, too.

God makes a way...always.

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