Sunday, December 5, 2010

What If...

Sometimes crazy thoughts come to my mind.

Like, what if...I became both blind and deaf? Will I be able to face a world of darkness and silence?

A world of - faces voices sunsets flowers music Internet television movies coloring books

...the list is verrrrrrrry long!

But then, I would still have the sense of taste, the sense of touch, and the sense of smell, such that I can savor and appreciate -

...the taste of all kinds of food

...the taste of various types of beverages

...the comforting touch of a friend or loved one

...the feel of soap on my skin

...the sweet smell of perfume

...the lovely fragrance of flowers

...the list is also verrrry long!

If I were both blind and deaf, I will try to learn braille so I can read and communicate through it. I will try to write more books to earn money since I can no longer work as a marketing research consultant.

Oh well, no use thinking of something that is not likely to happen anyway.

Thank You, Lord, for the gifts of sight and hearing!
A flower for you:

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