Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome, 2010

It's a brand new year! Happy New Year, everyone!

Last night, we just watched the fireworks from our condo window. Beautiful!

We just ate sylvanas and castaƱas and Coke Zero.

Today, we went to my aunt's place in ParaƱaque.

Food was great and plentiful - shrimps, prawns, Pixie's grilled fish, KFC, macaroni salad, Gerry's Grill pancit, sisig, kaldereta, lechon kawali, chocolates, cakes, ice cream, biko, cassava cake, puto bumbong, caramel popcorn, chips, softdrinks, etc. I didn't - couldn't - eat everything though, much as I wanted to.

There was the usual kwentuhan about family/relatives and friends, and work. My sister removed white hair from me. We borrowed books from my aunt. We enjoyed the cool air. There was picture-taking of course.

Lots of friends greeted me through text and Facebook.

Here are some of them:

...2010 na! Happy New Year! God has prepared great things for this year. Mging excited tau. Enjoy! - from a former student

...Lord, thank you for this great day and year. Do bless my friend, her family, home and work. In Jesus Christ name. Amen. Happy New Year with more blessings - from a sister in community

...Here comes the year of the tiger! May we all have a roaring year ahead! God bless you and your family! Take care! - from a former student

...Sending you my warmest wishes for a year filled with good cheer, joy and peace. Happy New Year to you and your family. - from a batchmate in UP

...May the Lord bless you with what you prayed for, reward you with what you worked for, grant you with what you hoped for, and pleasantly surprise you with what you have not asked for. Happy 2010! - from a friend from Slimmers World days

...Thank you for being part of my 2009. And may the coming 2010 be filled with love, joy, peace, good health and prosperity. God bless! - from a friend from marketing research

...Happy 2010! I know it's a bit early, but I'll need to txt to hundreds of friends so I decided to start with the great and good-looking ones first! All the best for 2010! - from a male friend

...I wish you:..the fun of living, the joy of loving, the wonder of sharing, the gift of faith, and the serenity of a contented heart. Happy New Year! - from a fellow bi-polar patient

...Lechon man ay nais kong ipadala. At may hamon pang kasama. Pero diet mo ay aking inaalala. Tataba ka pa. Kaya text na lang, zero cholesterol pa. Happy New Year, Nim! - from my best friend

Many people come up with new year's resolutions every start of the year. This time, I have only two resolutions:

1) This year, I shall be as loving as I can be to as many people as possible.

2) This year, I shall seek and obey the will of God for me.

So, welcome 2010! I am eager to find out what you have in store for all of us!

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