Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Daydreams and Text Poetry

I edited a questionnaire because a project has been approved! Praise God!

I was supposed to start the analysis for another project but I was told to ignore the first set of charts they sent me.

I watched another episode of "Supernatural".

Jobert and I wrote another poem via text, entitled, "Virtues."

Kindness to those who needs it
Where Heaven and Earth would meet
Patience during trying times
When human and divine rhymes

Generosity to those who have less
In sharing and giving we are blessed
Fortitude during times of adversity
In unity as family that we’re free

Honesty in both word and deed
Loving gestures our heart could read
Indeed of all virtues, love is the greatest
When we appreciate to serve all the rest

*poetry by Nimia Gamo (purple lines) and Jobert Abiva (blue lines)

These days, to amuse myself, I daydream of things that make me feel good.

One such daydream goes like this: I help a lost foreigner who has Alzheimer's disease. She does not know where she is staying. I go from hotel to hotel to ask if she is one of her guests, just riding cabs. When we finally find the right out, I sneak out and ride a cab home - feeling very tired but glad to have helped someone in great need. Soon after, news comes out that the grateful family of the woman I helped wants to find out the identity of "Good Samaritan". Several women came forward, expecting a reward, but the woman did not recognize any of them. I did not want to come forward because I did not like the publicity. And then suddenly, there is announcement that the Good Samaritan has been identified and she will be presented on a TV show. Curious, I tuned in to the show. So, the host introduces members of the family and the woman I helped. Then, with much ado, a woman I don't know comes on stage. She shyly takes a seat and gets interviewed. All this time, the old woman remain silent. Then, the family is so happy brings out an envelope and is ready to give it to the "Good Samaritan". There is phone number on the TV screen and the host says that unless there are any objections, the reward money goes to the woman. So, I call, and say she's an impostor. Turns out, it was just a way to trap me. They trace my call, and I get found out! I visit the old woman again and we become friends. The family offers to give me a cash reward. I refuse because I say that a good deed is its own reward. Soon after, the old woman dies and leaves me a huge sum of money. THE END.

I will tell you about my other daydreams in future posts. Ha ha

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