Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gettogether at Milky Way

Yesterday, I had another gettogether at Milky Way.

Grace again fetched me. Beda rode with us.

Our Balikbayan was Lovelie. She is soooh slim and beautiful! In high school, she was rather plump.

The occasion was well-attended. There were about 18 of us.

Food was wonderful: crispy pata, fried hito, tokwa't baboy, adobong mushrooms, crispy pata, binagoongang vegetables, ginatang puso ng saging, paksiw na baboy, pancit palabok...not sure if I got everything right.

Since it was such a large group, conversation had to be broken into small groups. Ours were on fellow batchmates, family, work, turning gold, and bucket lists. Speaking of bucket list, read my next post, "My Bakit List" and have a good laugh and maybe be inspired.

Everyone was concerned about my health. I said I'm in remission. As usual, they did not make me pay.

Grace brought me home.

What a nice time!

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