Friday, January 22, 2010

Poetry Session

Today, I had a poetry session with Jobert again in Eastwood. We stayed in an area which was very windy! The weather was great and conducive to our creative juices.

We were able to write two poems, "Pure Thoughts" and "God's Love".

"Pure Thoughts"

Thinking of you brings a smile to my face
The light in my mind for happier days
I recall the joys you’ve brought to me
The sunshine in my life my heart could see

Your words of wisdom I could still hear
Living the advice you gave makes me feel you’re near
Your tender touch I could still feel
A love that brightens my soul makes it real

Though you’re so far I hear your voice so clear
When you’re on my side there is nothing to fear
Just remembering you and my spirit soars high
Memories we’ve shared brings me a happy sigh

We have gone through many times together
I hope that our friendship would last forever
You are God’s special gift to me
And in gratefulness I shall always be

As I prepare to return home soon
Our cheerful laughter shall be our musical tune
And our love for each other will ever grow
Then gladness in our life we shall always sow

*poetry by Nimia Gamo (purple lines) and Jobert Abiva (blue lines)

"God's Love"

Lord, Your love is beyond measure
A love that is beautiful and pure
We all feel so blessed to have a Father like You
Accepting Your children to be loving and true

You care for all creatures, big and small
Earth we must protect as our heavenly call
Your love for us is brighter than any star
You yearn for us to be the best of who we are

We are touched by Your tenderness
Your concern is our happiness
O Lord, how can we thank You enough?
You were there for us even life was rough

You are the source of our joys
Your wisdom speaks through our inner voice
You are the light in every darkness
The love that shines in our gladness

We can never fully fathom the depth of Your love
But You guide us so we could be with You in Heaven above
We thank You Lord for Your love so deep
Your holy presence in our heart for our soul to keep

*poetry by Nimia Gamo (purple lines) and Jobert Abiva (blue lines)

In between writing poems, we talked about school, relationships, family, politics, and so on.

We ate shwarma and drank Coke Zero. We also ate ice cream.

I had a great time!

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