Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jobs and More Daydreams

Today, I received two job offers. But I felt I was not qualified for either.

A project came in so I immediately worked on it.

Two other projects are coming this February.


Now, more daydreams...

I daydream of --- heaven! I imagine what it must be like to have my own room. I would have a big ref and freezer and pantry stocked with food! All the sweet stuff I couldn't eat I could eat with abandon! Chocolate mousse, ice cream, chocolate bars with almonds. My room would have a library, a computer, a huge TV screen, DVDs. It would have a receiving area where I can entertain my visitors.

Heaven will have lots of banquet halls where everyone will be worshipping the Lord. There will be dancing and singing.

The fun part is I will be with my loved ones who have gone ahead. We will talk about the good times on earth. I will also meet new people and make new friends.

But the best part of all is special quiet alone times with Jesus Himself. We will hold hands and I will ask Him all that I wanted to ask Him.

Oh, I could go on and on!

Now, you know where my mind goes when I daydream.

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