Monday, January 4, 2010

Teriyaki Boy with Jobert

Today, I waited for hours for Jobert. He said he will pick me up "after lunch". Well, after lunch turned out to be almost 5 pm!

But I used the time to pray the rosary, to text, to chat, to go to the bathroom, to drink medicine, to observe people coming in and going out...and most of all, to grow in patience!

It was all worth the wait! We first exchanged gifts. I gave him the massager I bought for him. He gave me all sorts of stuff from Taiwan - small notebooks, coloring materials, a blouse, a pair of slippers.

We went to Teriyaki Boy in Gateway. We used the elevator so I didn't have to do much walking.

I ordered kani salad and Coke Zero. Later, I also ordered ebi tempura with rice.

Jobert and I wrote two poems. One is entitled, "Kapayapaan", our first Tagalog poem. Then, we wrote "Joy".

Back in the car, we continued to talk about ourselves. Then we prayed together.

Such a joyful time, well spent!

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