Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Doctors' Visit, Client Meetings

I saw my two doctors today. Bad news. Blood sugar is high. Hemoglobin is low. I was asked to go on a low-sugar diet and no chicharon and chichiria. Oh no! We were told to buy 10,000 units of Recormon for my hemoglobin.

I have two client meetings coming up. One is tomorrow at 3 pm to discuss the FGD which has just been approved. Yehey.

The other is next Tuesday, February 22, which was the one supposed to be held on my birthday. Looks like they really want me to be present in that meeting. Hhm.

I am still not through with the long report I am doing. Anyway, no rush.

I'm eager to eat at Zensho Restaurant tomorrow with my mom and my son. It's eat-all-you-can!

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